Elena Fattakova is a Russian born award-winning artist. She studied violin at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow before moving to New York City in 1993. Early on she discovered her interest in the visual arts and took on collages. Many of them came into being under the direct influence of classical music and jazz. Somewhere between lightness and gravity, collage is the medium is which she explored color and dimension.

Based on her experience as a musician, Elena realized a deep relationship between music and poetry. She writes both in English and Russian. Her work was published in Poets West Literary Journal, the Portland Review: Cartographica, Liberty magazine, California Quarterly: CSPS PL&LR, In Our Own Words: A Generation Defining Itself, The Coast and others.

Her poem ALCATRAZ, published in Poetry Letter & Literary Review: California State Poetry Society, Ginosko and the Red Wheelbarrow Literary Magazine, became a full-length multimedia stage play (world premiere in Manhattan's 14th Street Theater in April 2007, directed by Andre Dion).

Gradually she came to sculpture and became a student at the National Academy School of Fine Arts and the Art Students League of New York where in addition to sculpture, drawing and painting became an extension of her poetic expression.

Practicing various techniques while connecting traditional and experimental elements is of a particular interest to me because it extends imagination towards new, to discover the yet unknown in its purity.

She was awarded a sculpture price at the National Academy Museum and has been showing her works extensively in New York and nationwide, including Rogue Space Chelsea, Audubon Artists Society, the Salmagundi Arts Club, Gallery 57, the Santa Cruz Art League National Exhibition, the Art for Japan - Unicef fund raiser, as well as overseas in Berlin and Barcelona. Her works are in private collections in the US, Europe and Australia.

Recent Exhibitions

2013   85th Grand National Exhibition,
           The American Artists
           Professional League, NYC

2013   71st Annual Audubon Artists Society Exhibition,

2013   International Art Festival, 25 CPW Gallery, NYC
           SEA and SKY National Juried Exhibition,
           Liz Afif Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2012   70th Annual Audubon Artists Society Exhibition,
           The Salmagundi Art Club, NYC

2012   National Fiber Art Exhibition,
           Santa Cruz Art League, California

2012   Year-End Exhibition,
           National Academy School of Fine Arts, NYC

2011   Films on Artists International Art Competition,
           FilmsOnArtists Gallery, Chelsea, NYC

2011   69th Annual Audubon Artists Society Exhibition,
           The Salmagundi Art Club, NYC

2011   Fall Opening Student Exhibition,
           National Academy School of Fine Arts, NYC

2011   Art for Japan
           UNICEF Fund-raising Art Event,
           Studio 57 Fine Arts, NYC

2011   Help Japan! The Charity Exhibition,
           National Academy School of Fine Arts, NYC

2010   68th Annual Audubon Artists Society Exhibition,
           The Salmagundi Art Club, NYC

2010   International Juried Sculpture Show,
           Rogue Space,
           Chelsea, NYC

2010   12th Annual Juried Exhibition,
           National Academy Museum, NYC

2010   Shelly's Big City, Shellys Restaurant,
           W 57th Street, NYC

2009   Small Works Exhibition, Manhattan Borough
           President's Office, NYC


by William Benton

... Collage is a medium in which the irrational, 

the sudden juxtaposition of disparate realities, 

is an essential element of composition. 

Dissociation between things is the necessary

condition for the stunning alchemy that

connects them. Fattakova is fluent in this

shadow dance at the edge of the unconscious,

where the work of both poet and artist takes place...

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